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An Effective Route to Healing: POCUS MSK Soft Tissue

We are proud to introduce you to the certificate for musculoskeletal (MSK) and skin and soft tissue conditions. The skin is composed of a thin superficial layer called epidermis and a deeper layer called dermis, followed by subcutaneous fat and connective tissue. The term soft tissue refers... Read more »

POCUS – The Future of Ultrasound is here

The Future is Here “The first stage of truth is it’s ridiculed. Then, it’s violently opposed, and then it’s regarded as self-evident”. A self-reflective and powerful quote from the FOCUS on POCUS podcast guest speaker Deborah Crotty on how she responded to new technology years ago when... Read more »

A Community of Fulfillment

A Community of Fulfillment According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, every human being has five basic needs that must be met to live a full and satisfying life. Each builds upon each other with physiological needs setting the foundation. Not too far from that bottom base is... Read more »

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