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The POCUS Certification Academy Webinar Series: Episode 1:
Lower Extremity Venous Assessment using Ultrasound (2 Point/ 2 Zone Compression Test)

‘It is not possible to diagnose DVT without an ultrasound, a CT scan, or an MRI. Ultrasound has a 96-98% Sensitivity and 98-100% Specificity.’ – Centers for Disease Control

‘Blood clots can happen to anyone, early diagnosis by ultrasound is critical to prevent death.’- Centers for Disease Control

In episode 1 of this informative and free webinar series, Dr. Rao covers:

  • Anatomical review of the lower extremity deep veins
  • Imaging with ultrasound for Lower Extremity Venous Assessment
    including proper transducer selection and proper positioning
  • Venous Compression test
  • Adjunctive ultrasound modes
  • DVT (How it may look on Ultrasound)
  • Limitations and pitfalls of Lower Extremity Venous Assessment
  • May-Thurner Syndrome

About Dr. Vic Rao:

Dr. Rao is a radiologist by training and is one of the pioneers to introduce and develop Point of Care Ultrasound learning content including continuing medical education curriculum for medical students, physician assistant students, residents, and physicians at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Columbia.

He was the director of ultrasound education at University of South Carolina School of Medicine from May 2008 to August 2018 when he then joined Inteleos as the Global Clinical Content Manager. Dr. Rao also has trained physicians in Tanzania and Philippines to establish POCUS programs in these countries. Dr. Rao has also worked as a primary care physician in mission hospitals overseas where he enjoyed seeing patients in the clinic, managed inpatients, performed deliveries, C-sections, and minor surgeries.

He is an author for multiple point of care ultrasound textbooks and has an upcoming eBook soon to be available.

Email us at POCUS@inteleos.org for more information.


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